Introduction to 9 Inner Jewels


  • Could you use some support in your life?
  • Are you ready to accept inner peace and freedom?
  • Would you be willing to make a small investment that would change your life for the better?

If you answered yes, then please read on.
9 Inner Jewels offers life-changing meditations for finding your soul’s purpose by unlocking the keys to your grace filled union with your soul. This book offers a simple, succint how-to method for experiencing inner peace, wisdom, compassion, and much more. this unique and powerful approach to self-healing and meditation teaches how to use color and light to connect self and soul. It will bring color to readers’ lives with its sparkling array of jewels.

9 Inner Jewels walks the reader through ways of creating daily meditations that are customized for each day. It shows people how to make everything that happens to them during the day support their inner peace, personal growth, and spiritual integration. This sparkling gem of a book recommends numerous ways for people to live in peace, attain healthy relationships, and heal themselves. With personal meditations that can be done alone, as well as nurturing rituals to share with loved ones, 9 Inner Jewels holds the keys to one’s initiation into a state of grace-filled union with one’s soul. This 163-page manual for a spiritually purposeful life is indispensable for everyone desiring a more peaceful existence. It is filled with beauty inside and out.

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